Imagine setting out to make the perfect ICE CREAM. You start with the highest butterfat cream available. Next, you make sure the air content is low to make it very, very dense. Choose the best blissful ingredients. Add these by hand to make small batches of your favourite flavours. Once you have tasted your creations, you think of some more scrumptious ideas and continue on until you have a veritable abundance of choice. One mouthful of Mackay’s ICE CREAM will convince you that this is exactly the delightful method we use to make our premium ICE CREAM. Our Cochrane factory is where we set out to make our perfect ice cream every day.

MacKay’s Top 10 ICE CREAM Flavours
  1. Maple Walnut - maple ICE CREAM loaded with walnuts
  2. Vanilla - pure vanilla ICE CREAM
  3. Chocolate - our classic rich chocolate ICE CREAM
  4. Chocolate Chip Mint - mint ICE CREAM dotted with chocolate chips
  5. Chocolate Fudge Chunk - chocolate ICE CREAM swirled with fudge and chocolate chunks
  6. Cookie Dough - vanilla ICE CREAM loaded with chocolate chip cookie dough and chocolate chips
  7. Strawberry - strawberry ICE CREAM with a delicious strawberry ripple
  8. Bubblegum - blue bubblegum ICE CREAM packed with bubblegum
  9. Cookies & Cream - vanilla ICE CREAM chock-a-block with chocolate cookie crumbs
  10. Tiger - orange ICE CREAM and black licorice ice cream swirled together
What’s New
Check out MacKay's News & Events page for current seasonal and holiday special flavours.

Ice Cream Alternatives

MacKay's also makes low-dairy sorbet and frozen yogurt. Flavours vary. Check in store for current selections.
MacKay’s is excited to carry Screamin’ Brothers Dairy Free Frozen Treats, in 473ml take home containers, http://www.screaminbrothers.com

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