Environmental concerns are important to Mackay's Ice Cream in Cochrane, Alberta.

Our Initiatives & how we’re helping

  • In 2016 our company recycled 9115 lbs of material. (That’s about 7 fully grown dairy cows)
  • Our company waste diversion rate improved from 58.25% in 2015 to 61.27% for 2016!
  • The production plant improved its waste diversion rate from 43% to almost 51% this past year
  • Thanks to our customers, in 2016, we recycled nearly 7000 plastic ice cream pails which were used for such things as: compost or gardening bins, toy bins, camping gear storage, flour or potato bins, dog food, paint mixing. (Due to Federal regulations, we cannot re-use these pails for ice cream).
    Please look for free recycled pails at the front of our store.
  • Our retail store diverted almost 72% of its waste.
  • Our Manufacturing plant was recently upgraded with more efficient ice cream machines and 2 new high efficiency furnaces were installed.
  • Our retail store was upgraded to energy efficient LED lighting last year. We will be upgrading the lighting at our manufacturing facility this fall.

We are continually improving our carbon footprint each year.

Recycling efforts pay off for Mackays Ice Cream.