1. What is ICE CREAM?
ICE CREAM is the product of the collaboration between a scientist and an angel. The scientist technically defines ICE CREAM as a frozen dairy product which contains at least 10% dairy fat. Common grocery store ice creams contain 10-12% butterfat whereas Mackay’s ICE CREAM contains 16-18% butterfat. So, Mackay’s can be classified as ‘super premium’ ICE CREAM. Next comes the flavours, ripples and goodies to produce a final frozen fusion. The angel adds the little piece of heaven.

2. What is Sorbet?

Sorbet is a frozen treat made with less than 1% milk ingredients which makes it an excellent alternative to frozen dairy treats such as ICE CREAM. The essential ingredients of Sorbet are water, sugar, fruit and a small amount of dairy which are then stirred and frozen.

3. Is your ICE CREAM handmade?

Yes. The addition and mixing of the ingredients is done by hand. However, we do need a little help from electricity to run our freezer. Despite living in an era and culture of automation and mass production, we still choose to do as much as possible with human hands on a small scale because we know that it improves the quality of the ICE CREAM. We make each batch only 2 tubs at a time (think pail, not bathtub) in our batch ICE CREAM machines. In the first stage, we mix the high butterfat Canadian cream with the flavours and then partially freeze it. This combination is then poured into the tubs where the ripples and candies/nuts are added by hand. The completed blend is then put in a blast freezer for 24 hours.

4. What makes MacKay’s different?

One scoop of Mackay’s ICE CREAM embodies the core values of the company. From production to pleasure our philosophy is rooted in ensuring quality. The Alberta small town, entrepreneurial spirit meets superior local and global ingredients to make world renowned ICE CREAM.

We pay attention to detail throughout production. We pump in less air during manufacturing than most other ICE CREAM producers. The result? A denser ICE CREAM with smoother, creamier texture. There is literally more ICE CREAM and less air in every mouthful. Each flavor is created from a rich palette of ingredients which always starts with fresh 100% Canadian cream. This cream is 16-18% butterfat and makes our ICE CREAM an amazingly creamy super-premium experience. For comparison, most other ICE CREAM is made using 10-12% butterfat. Our quest for quality also includes our choice of other ingredients. Local specialties fill our scoops along with pure cocoa, decadent butterscotch marble, tangy Saskatoon berries, and fresh bananas and avocados. By watching the temperatures, measuring the air content and checking the ingredients, we carefully monitor the entire delightful process.

You don’t need to be a connoisseur to tell the difference!

5. What are your most popular flavours?

A classic can be thought of as anything that is traditional and enduring. Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, and Maple Walnut can definitely be considered classics. Does it surprise you that those four flavours are still requested by the most taste buds? As well, we know that Chocolate Fudge Chunk, Cookies & Cream and Chocolate Chip Mint are favourites for many folks who pass through our turnstiles. Mango and Pistachio have also earned themselves quite a following despite being a little more unusual.

6. How is it made?

The journey begins with our cream base. A local dairy creates our tried-and-true secret recipe which always starts with fresh 100% Canadian cream. Once this base arrives in Cochrane, we put it into our batch ICE CREAM, machines. One of our 200 plus recipes is the guide for adding flavours and fruits by hand. The resulting mixture is frozen to exactly the correct consistency, weight and temperature. This semi-hard ICE CREAM is then poured into two 11.4 litre pails as we add ripples, candies and other creative goodness by hand These pails are ready for the blast freezer where a 24 hour stay locks in the flavour. We store the finished pails until they need to be transported to retail stores and wholesale customers on the final leg of the journey.

Our City TV Video Segment shows you more...

7. Can we buy it to take home?

Yes. We sell 500 ml containers (small-after-dinner indulgence) or 1 L containers (invite-the-neighbours-over indulgence.) Or we can fill a special order for a 5.7 L container which offers approximately 30 scoops (let’s-have-a-huge-summer-picnic indulgence). For a larger function we can fill a special order 11.4 L container which offers approximately 50-60 scoops. We sell a wide medley of flavours, but not our entire menu. Your best bet is to phone ahead and check what flavours are in stock. We also sell these containers through other select retailers.

8. Where can I buy your ICE CREAM other than in Cochrane?

Fortunately, there are various places to find Mackay’s delicious ICE CREAM. It is simply part of the regional vocabulary. Select scoop shops, retailers and restaurants in the region can be found by phoning us at 932-2455 or by looking at the list on our website for the nearest one to you. If you are interested in selling our ice cream, please contact us.

9. I have allergies – can I still enjoy your products?

  • Do your products contain Nuts?
    Maybe. We try our best to keep nuts separate and only in nut-based ICE CREAMS such as maple walnut. However, since we do not operate a nut free facility, there is always a risk of nuts in all of our products including our ICE CREAMS, yogurts and sorbets.

  • Do your products contain Eggs?
    Typically no. Our ICE CREAM base does not contain eggs. However, specific flavours have added ingredients which contain eggs, such as cookie dough pieces. If you’d like to check for eggs in a scrumptious favourite or a bold new choice, we have product ingredient lists available.

  • Do your products contain Gluten?
    In some cases. Our ICE CREAM base does not contain gluten, however, specific flavours have added ingredients which contain gluten such as cookie dough pieces, fudge brownie pieces, cookies, etc. If you’d like to check for gluten in a scrumptious favourite or a bold new choice, we have product ingredient lists available. When requesting your ICE CREAM, remember to ask for a dish since all of our cones contain wheat.

  • Do your products contain Dairy?
    Yes! Our ICE CREAM is definitely filled with dairy! If you are lactose intolerant, our sorbet contains less than 1% dairy product. MacKay’s now carries Screamin Brothers dairy free frozen dessert in 500ml take home containers. Visit Screamin Brothers at http://www.screaminbrothers.com for more information.

    For more information visit our nutritional and ingredient profiles page in the Our Ice Cream section.
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